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Use this application to integrate a function f (z) using left endpoint approximation, right endpoint approximation, the Trapezoid Rule, Midpoint Rule, and Simpson's Rule.
Be sure to use the correct format for entering in math functions.

f (z) = 
Lower bound for integral (a): Upper bound for integral (b):
Number of integration steps (n):

Result using left endpoint approximation (Ln):
Result using right endpoint approximation (Rn):
Result using Trapezoid Rule (Tn):
Result using Midpoint Rule (Mn):
Result using Simpson's Rule (Sn):

A few examples:
f (z) =  
f (z) =  
f (z) =  
f (z) =  

Correct Function Definitions: Note:  These functions are case sensitive so enter them exactly as you see them.
Note:  Arguments for trigonometric functions must be in radians.